International Service Projects

Rotary exists in 200+ countries. The reason Rotary exists in all these countries is while Rotarians gain much more from Rotary than they will ever give, it is an outward reaching organization working to accomplish good works and peacemaking throughout the world. Rotary International has ongoing partnerships with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Global FoodBanking Network, ShelterBox, UNESCO – IHE (Institute for Water Education), UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund), United Nations, and the WHO (World Health Organization). These are the global efforts accomplished on a large scale.

What really counts and makes the in person connections that is so essential to Rotary though, is the project accomplished by each individual Rotary Club. Individual Rotary clubs are given support and encouragement to find their own meaningful projects internationally and accomplish them with the physical, financial and intellectual resources from their own club. As they need help, they can reach up to the District level or even Rotary International. Rotary International encourages such projects through their DDF (District Designated Funds) program. That’s the beauty of it. If what you are trying to accomplish is bigger than you can handle, you reach up and out for more support.  You become a mouthpiece for the people around the world that need your help in their lives.

No wonder that peace is accomplished from the various international service projects, the youth exchanges, and business leader international trips and the various conventions offered through Rotary. When you are two feet steadfast on the ground standing toe to toe with someone you are serving, looking into their smiling face and brilliant eyes – how can you not “feel” what Rotary is all about.

Many of the Rotarians in the Cheat Lake Rotary Club have had these wonderful experiences. Many haven’t and hopefully we go. The ones that have gone come back and share their experiences and memories of their international service trips – many times with tears in their eyes and halting voices as the share how ‘their’ particular project changed their life.

Cheat Lake Rotary has been very active in the international service arena. With a good-sized club and many generous members, it has been possible to bring about good works. Here are few of the projects we have recently completed.

Dan Miller’s Projects

Eric’s Projects

Pat Gallagher’s Projects



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