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Are we aware of you and your organization? We love hearing presentations from people doing good things in the community — whether it is a charity, a community organization or something else that benefits our membership and community.

While not all of our speakers are from charity organizations or community organizations, many are. If you feel you are an organization that would benefit from our financial support through the grant process, and you fit the criteria described therein, we would like to hear what you have to say. We want to know who you are, what you do and why we should support you. Contact our Speaker Chair for more information.

(You may bring your own laptop, or you may load your presentation to a USB drive and have it integrated with the Club’s Power Point presentation)

Where are the meetings?

The Cranberry, Ascend Hotel Collection
2700 Cranberry Square
Morgantown, WV 26508

When are the meetings? We meet every Tuesday morning at 7:30am unless otherwise stated. (Ends promptly at 8:30am) You should plan to arrive between 7:15am & 7:30am.

How many people will I be presenting to? On average, there will be 20-40 people present in-person and via Zoom.

Will there be refreshments? Yes. A full breakfast is available courtesy of the club. We do ask that you let us know how many people you will be bringing with you so we can plan accordingly.

At what point in the meeting do I speak? We begin our meeting at 7:30am with fellowship and start formally with the Pledge of Allegiance, the reciting of our Four Way Test, and a prayer at 7:40am. Following our weekly joke, our Sergeant-at-Arms collects “happy dollars” and we have our club announcements. Your presentation will start at 8:00am and conclude at 8:30am (be sure to leave time for questions).

How long should my presentation be? 20-30 minutes (plus a few minutes for questions)

What else should I bring? – Please make sure to provide a short bio that can be read as your introduction. – We have a 50/50 each week, and you’re welcome to participate. Tickets are $1 / 2 or $2 / 5. – Contact info in case members have follow-up questions.

What if there is inclement weather? Meeting cancellations will be communicated if necessary due to inclement weather. Please use your best judgement in deciding whether you feel you can safely make it to the meeting. Your safety is most important to us! We can always reschedule your time if necessary.

Who do I contact to cancel or reschedule? Please contact your Sponsoring Member and/or Speaker Coordinator at ———–

How do I become a Rotarian? We’re glad you asked! If you like what we’re doing and think you want to be a part of it, we’d love to talk to you about what it means to be a Rotarian. Membership Applications can be found on our website by clicking here

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