Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about what it means to become a Cheat Lake Rotarian?

We have found that many of the questions below are often on the minds of prospective members.  Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our membership chairperson.

What kind of commitment do I need to make to attend meetings?

While weekly attendance is not mandatory, we do ask that you join us as often as possible at both our weekly meetings as well as at our many service projects we perform in the community. Building lasting relationships and bonds within the club is important to the health and growth of both the club and you as a member.

How often does your Rotary club meet?

Our club meetings are held every Tuesday from 07:30a.m. to 08:30a.m. sharp, with exceptions around key holidays.

What kinds of programs are offered during breakfast meetings?

We have high-quality presenters and presentations, with informative topics that will engage our membership. We post the list of our upcoming speakers.

What makes a great presenter?

A great rotary speaker incorporates a presentation that informs and educates, energizes and inspires. A truly unforgettable speaker is one who presents a variety of topics which are relevant to rotary concerns and entertains us as at the same time. Topics that touch the heart and inspire new thinking, make us laugh, and cause the audience to interact and have fun. A great presenter is one that you don’t want to miss and creates an environment in which members want to bring guests to enjoy and share in the experience.

May I solicit the membership for business if I become a member?

You will receive access to a club roster with each member’s personal and business information. This information is not allowed to be used for general business solicitation (i.e. putting everyone’s e-mail into your marketing list or mass mailing list). However, as you build relationships in the club, it is common practice to get to know members and what they do for work. Our club does do business with each other regularly. While it is not acceptable to use Rotary for marketing purposes only, as you build relationships with individual members in the club, you will have opportunities to support each other in business relationships. It is not expected you must support Rotary businesses, but it is common practice to do so. There are opportunities for sponsorships, advertisements and participation in our events as well as supporting our website here. Reach out to the event chair or our Public Relations chair to discuss how you can do this.

May I promote my business in the club?

There are multiple opportunities to highlight your business throughout the year. During your Ice Breaker introduction to the club, you can let members know what you do. All events have sponsorships that allows advertising in the event program and frequently on the event website. This website had sponsorships which are not advertisements, but are a logo, name and phone number. We have Website Sponsorship opportunities as discussed here. Things like this will be dictated by the current president and club culture at that time. Rotary International encourages us to do business with each other. We simply do not want the club meeting to become another self-marketing meeting. We have real work and real service to accomplish as our primary purpose and goal.

Does that mean that networking is frowned upon?

Absolutely not! Rotary was founded on the chance to network between businesses; the RI emblem of a wheel depicts the original intent of “rotating” between members’ businesses to hold the weekly meetings. We encourage our members to network before lunch and to look to one another whenever a service is required.

Is Rotary a religious organization?

No. However, it is common and acceptable to incorporate spiritual practices such as prayers and thoughts at the opening of our club meetings. It is a place to embrace others’ spiritual and religious views in support of one another.

What costs are involved in being a member of your club?

The Rotary Club of Cheat Lake does not currently have an initiation fee. Annual dues are paid on a quarterly basis, and include fees associated with our breakfast that is provided. The Rotary Club of Cheat Lake has a structure in place that is age based, to encourage younger and older members to participate without burden. It is also expected that each member will make a minimum annual donation $100 towards their Paul Harris Award (Rotary International). To learn more about the financial expectations, contact our membership chairperson.

What types of projects does Cheat Lake Rotary participate in?

Our projects vary widely and there is sure to be something of interest to each member. Projects and activities range from club service such as helping with check-in or planning events, to special events such as our annual Cheat Lake Regatta event and our Holiday programs. There are committees working on community affairs, international service projects, youth projects in schools, and more.

What are the communication methods within Cheat Lake Rotary?

  • Rotary International publishes a monthly magazine called “The Rotarian” A subscription is included in your annual dues. District 7545 publishes a monthly newsletter that is circulated electronically.
  • Our Club newsletter, NEED A NAME, is currently published monthly in the Dominion Post and is posted on this website.
  • A weekly eBulletin is sent to all club members, including information about the week’s program, upcoming activities, plus links to the Newsletter and to club photographs.
  • The Club roster is accessible via your member login.
  • We have a closed Facebook page, as well as a Cheat Lake Rotary Facebook page open to the public, which reflects many of our club activities.
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